A former UK Ministry Of Defence scientist, who disappeared years ago, is compelled to surface after a rare gene is found that will change government intelligence surveillance forever.

He started the research, now he has to end it before he dies, or even worse, it falls into the wrong hands.

The project is in an advanced state and seeking a financing production partner.

  • Action/thriller written for international marketplace with sequel options

  • 3rd time feature director (1st film was an official UK FILM COUNCIL applicant for SUNDANCE, 2nd film, WEAPON, has sales agent EVOLUTIONARY FILMS - UK National Film Awards 2019 Best Distribution Company)

  • PARAMOUNT PICTURES UK former Head of Marketing on producing team (involved in 100 releases, £4.2 bn UK box office)


  • Casting director on board approaching marketable international talent 

  • Full budget (£900k below the line, aiming for circa £1.5m with cast)

  • Full script breakdown and shooting schedule (30 days)

  • Preliminary location sourcing complete

  • Experienced feature Director Of Photography and crew

  • 10 years of research into intelligence practices unseen in feature film

  • 2 years script development by strong action/thriller editor

  • TV series, game and graphic novel options

To request a finance pack for Viewers  please email Simon Tate on



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